Opening in early 2007, Jiaxing Burlington Textile Company, Limited (JBT) is an exciting new textile manufacturing facility located in Jiaxing, China. Using advanced dyeing and finishing techniques and processes in U.S., JBT will produce synthetic fabrics for interior and apparel products.

JBT operates as part of International Textile Group, a U.S. multinational company headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. International Textile Group (ITG) was formed from the union of Burlington Industries and Cone Mills, both pioneering companies in the U.S. and world textile industries. With almost 200 years of experience combined, the heritage of our company combined with leading-edge technologies and textile R&D provide our customers new, innovative styles and global solutions.

China and the Asia Pacific region are of great importance for our company both as a resource for competitive manufacturing and an area of growing consumer demand. While the JBT plant will be the first China manufacturing operation for ITG, we have operated in this region for a number of years with sales and product offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. And we believe this is just the beginning. Construction is also underway for a sister denim plant in Jiaxing and a cotton fabric and large apparel complex in Vietnam.

Opportunities at JBT

JBT will provide good job opportunities in the area. Expected to employ about 250 people, jobs will include electricians, mechanics, machine operators, fabric inspectors, lab technicians and warehouse operators. Excellent management opportunities are also available.

JBT offers all employees a clean, safe work environment, good pay, excellent training and daily cafeteria services. Dormitory housing is available for eligible employees.

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